Spelling Kahoot Quiz – Chocolate Edition

Hi fam, I’m making up some resources for online teaching. Here is a silly Kahoot activity I created to help my students practice some of the words that I see them most frequently misspell in their writing. Feel free to make a copy and share with your students! Please leave a comment below to tell me what you think. Should I make more? What would your kids like to practice?

NZCER Spelling Lists 4-5 Kahoot – Chocolate Edition

If this Kahoot makes you hungry, check out The Minimalist Baker’s Simple Chocolate Cake recipe! It’s my go to whenever someone needs a pick-me-up. One bowl, reasonably healthy ingredients, and ability to substitute – yeah. Applesauce is the secret ingredient to make this cake moist without being soggy, and a cup of coffee gives it the complex taste that makes people say “W O W!”

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