What did you make today? #writingprompt

Kia ora everyone. Today I’m sharing a little writing prompt for kids, to recount something you’ve created in the kitchen. You might want to use a recipe from someone else’s website, or you might like to make up your own. It’s up to you! Sharing yummy food is one of the most effective things kids can do to help non-human animals by making vegan living more accessible to more people. Here are some ideas:

Sara Kidd’s vegan baking recipes for kids

5 Kid-friendly vegan foods particularly good for lockdown times

50 Vegan Kid-Friendly Recipes curated by Nora Cooks

Be sure to take some photos while you’re cooking! Done? Now you’re ready to write your recount! You can include the recipe instructions in your story.

First, write a plan. Your plan doesn’t need to have complete sentences, the way your final writing will. You might like to draw a picture, write out your key words in order, or do both.

I’d like to know…

When were you in the kitchen?

Who did you cook or bake with?

What did you make?

Why did you decide to make it?

How did you do it? You might want to organise the recipe instructions into numbered steps or use transition words like “first,” “then,” “next,” and “finally.” How long did it take? Remember to use WOW words/describing words/interesting adjectives to tell how it should look and feel at each stage. I’ve written some suggestions below.

How did it taste? This is another great time to use some more WOW words!

Will you make it again?! What would you do differently next time?

Here are some interesting adjectives that you might want to include. You might like to first organise them into sight, touch, and taste.

squishy | shiny | dull | scrumptious | sticky | gluey | crunchy | slippery | crusty | tender | fresh | soggy | slimy | salty | bitter | tangy | sour | sweet | oily | creamy

Thesaurus.com is a great place to find more interesting and more specific words to describe what you did.

When you finish your draft, feel free to share with me. I’d be happy to give feedback.


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