Why are you a vegan? And other rhyming stories for English Language Learners

I’m delighted to share a project the wonderful Violet Plum of Violet’s Vegan Comics and I have been working on for some time. I adore her Stories for Little Ones, but found that the sentence structure, in all its fun and appealing whimsy, was inaccessible for my learners who were learning English as a foreign language. We put our heads together and adapted her stories, without changing much of the meaning, so that young people learning English as a foreign language would likely be able to understand. In this new edition of the collection, the grammar is fairly simple and regular, there are few particularly uncommon words (although we kept some, so it won’t be boring, and still will be an engaging challenge for most kids!), and all phrases are in the present tense. You and your kids can read all the stories here online, or you can purchase a paperback copy here. For those of you who’d rather not support Amazon, a link to Violet’s own online store will be coming soon!

If they will be accessible to your students, I really encourage you to use the original stories. Otherwise, if you use the ELL-friendly version, please let us know what you and your kids think! ✌️


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